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LPWA World - 23-24 May 2017 - Intercontinental O2 London

At the forefront of NB-IoT: Deutsche Telekom

Ralf Nejedl, SVP of B2B IoT at Deutsche Telekom AG spoke to us about the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub established by Deutsche Telekom, what the reasons were behind choosing NB-IoT over non-cellular technology in their IoT applications, and also about other LPWA projects that Deutsche Telekom are involved in at this time.

Ralf participated at LPWA Europe as a speaker, covering the topic Accelerating the launch of NB-IoT.

Since achieving the world's first implementation of pre-standard NB-IoT, Deutsche Telekom has established a NB-IoT Prototyping Hub. Tell us about this.

NB-IoT as a common standard will be a true milestone for the mass market of the Internet of Things. In order to accelerate market adoption, we have started to set-up a NB-IoT ecosystem what will help to develop viable prototypes for NB-IoT applications alongside solution partners and customers via our NB-IoT Prototyping Hub.

This innovative approach encourages all parties involved to build a solid end-to-end NB-IoT value chain. Innovations are thereby made possible even faster and future growth and development of the new technology is fostered.

Over the last couple of months at DT's incubator & accelerator place (hub:raum Berlin and Krakow) for startups and new ideas we have scouted over 100 young companies within the IoT industry and selected the TOP 24 to be a part of the new 'connectivity era'.

Why has Deutsche Telekom identified NB-IoT as opposed to non-cellular technology as critical to its IoT applications?

We believe to connect things (everything) needs an open standard technology and approach. Accordingly we have selected the best available technology which supports our vision and requires already a leading network technology: since NB-IoT works on LTE networks as a pre-condition, we found it as a best choice complementary to our industry grade cellular network to serve our customers on the highest, leading technology level to ensure seamless connectivity.

Update us with the latest LPWA projects Deutsche Telekom is involved in.

Since we still intensively working on some exciting project preparation where we really want surprise and impress our customers, let me not cover up details at this moment. What I can tell: we are already in intensive discussions with partners and customers regarding potential NB-IOT trials, more details will be announced soon.

What are you most looking forward to from LPWA Europe?

We as Deutsche Telekom have a vision of a city where everything is connected to make people's life better. Since there is a growing trend for more and more people to move into the cities, this is an area where DT can contribute the most. Cities are in a kind of a paradoxical situation today: they want to attract more people to live in cities, however the more citizen they attract the more challenges they are facing with. From a city's perspective parking, electricity and safety are the most urgent issues.

New technologies like LPWA / NB IOT are a perfect complementation to already existing technologies, since they allow us to work on use cases for which traditional technologies have not been profitable or even inefficient. To give you an example: While some solutions (e.g. Video surveillance) need technologies with high bandwidth (LTE, WLAN, LAN), other solutions like smart parking or waste management have sensors that only send infrequently and low amounts of data. For these use cases, low power consumption and wide coverage are the most important aspects, which make them perfectly suiting to the new technology. Thus, Smart Cities are definitely one of most exciting areas for us from several perspectives.

What is sure: we still want to be the best choice for the European customers to easily connect things worldwide.

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