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David Vasquez

David Vasquez

IoT Global Business Development, Verizon

David Vasquez is the Director of International IoT Business Development at Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

In his current role, he's responsible for the development and expansion of Verizon's global IoT ecosystem, delivering “voice of the customer” input as part of product lifecycle management and evangelizing the benefits that IoT is bringing and will bring to global enterprises.

He brings over a decade of experience in wireless networks, IoT/M2m, sales, marketing, data acquisition strategies, customer experience, innovation and defining what “digital transformation” means in the context of a specific brand and business outcome.

David invests a lot of time educating clients regarding the impact that an outcome-based, digital experience strategy brings via IoT.  His favorite topics to address are the designing of a data-driven, digital customer experiences, the monetization of new services and what an enterprise-grade, IoT infrastructure that supports business-wide digital initiatives should look like.

Prior to his current position, David spent several years supporting public utilities (water, waste water & energy) and government agencies in implementing M2M/IoT solutions to drive water and power conservation, safety, security and positive citizen engagement. In close partnership with key advocacy groups, he lead several public-private collaboration sessions that brought agencies, technology partners and citizens together to drive conservation KPIs that were made possible by embracing IoT.

2018 marked David's 17th anniversary with Verizon, he is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he lives with his wife, two daughters and 0 pets. Lifelong baseball fan, runs, skis, hikes, cycles, knows the difference between Football and Futbol and loves a good beer.

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