LPWA World - 22-23 May 2018, Novotel London West

Top LPWA Trends in 2017

Before LPWA World 2017, we spoke to several of the event speakers about what they think are the top three trends in LPWA. Please see below the thoughts of:

  • Arjan Bovenberg, Product Manager, Tele2
  • José Ignacio Guerra Gómez, Communications Architect, Telefonica Chile
  • Rudi Sunarno, Senior IoT Researcher, Telkom Indonesia
  • Henri Bong, CEO & Founder, UnaBiz


Arjan Bovenberg, Product Manager

  • Large number of pilots across various verticals
  • LTE-M as a showcase for the whole industry, based on US deployment, but particularly for B2B2C user cases
  • Multi-technology approaches (Both different technologies in different geographies within the same operator, and combinations of licensed and unlicensed by the same operator)

Telefonica Chile

José Ignacio Guerra Gómez, Communications Architect

  • NB IoT for sure is one of them, due to all the commercial pilots that will take place this year all over the world including Latam.
  • Open IoT Labs will be one big trend this year on the licensed LPWA scenario. This GSMA program promotes that MNOs create local innovative environments where the IoT ecosystem could be the first one to experiment the capabilities of standardized LPWAN, in order to promote the fast adoption of this technologies and the consequent ecosystem growing for the MNOs.
  • Sigfox will also be a big trend this year for Latam, due to the huge investment that they are taking on deploying network. They have started in Brasil, Mexico and Colombia on late 2016, and this year will add Argentina and Chile.

Telkom Indonesia

Rudi Sunarno, Senior IoT Researcher, Telkom

It's more than the requested three, but there are several trends related to LPWA, such as

  • LPWA Frequency allocation
    As we know ERC/REC 70-03 identifies unlicensed spectrum at 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 863 MHz, 870 MHz and 915 MHz that are potential candidates for LPWA networks. What will be the impact of these frequencies into countries which already have licenced existing same frequency allocations?
  • IoT diversity
    Vendors and service providers will focus on product and services diversification to better meet client needs, how LPWA can solve the client needs eg. limitation message/day.
  • Security
    Issue of security will become a core focus for both businesses and vendors, Will regulators see IoT security on their radar and security will be a top priority of deployment discussion.
  • Edge analytics
    Data warehouse will become more common. How new analytics tools can analyze the crucial steps toward using IoT data?
  • IoT-as-a-service models
    How LPWA will continue support for growing of variety IoT verticals.


Henri Bong, CEO & Founder

With LPWA, and Sigfox in particular, we are in the business of transforming the logistics sector. It is now affordable to track assets down to the pallets because of the low-cost and low-power consumption properties of the technology. A nationwide coverage is also essential and customers who subscribe to our network are essentially subscribing to a global network which allows them to track assets worldwide.

Replenishment is another big use case that has emerged with LPWA. The UnaBell - a smart button that was recently launched by UnaBiz at the Mobile World Congress is an All-in-One solution that collapse and streamline consumer journeys with a push of a button.

Designed to work right-out-of-the-box, it allows businesses to connect with their customers instantaneously with a push of a button. The smart button enhances overall brand recall, customer loyalty and gather insights to purchasing patterns of products and services, a valuable marketing tool for all businesses.

While it’s hard to name only 3 trends, utilities would probably be the third. Sigfox is the only communication protocol enabling to predict the battery life of a device. It’s a very powerful value proposition when it comes to anticipating the maintenance of these meters 15 years later.

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